Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (2024)

If you’re here, you probably already know that you want to have a bingo game at the baby shower you’re planning.

You’ve probably scoured the internet for free downloads and buyable options alike for premade bingo cards. Maybe they don’t have the kinds of words you want on them, or maybe the designs are just plain ugly.

So you’re going to make your own bingo cards (or have someone design them for you). And to do that, you need baby bingo words!

I’ve made short work of this part for you, compiling the most extensive list of both common baby shower gifts and other baby- and pregnancy-related terms you can include in your game.

What is baby bingo?

If you’re not already 100% sure, baby bingo is pretty much exactly how it sounds: a bingo game that’s filled with baby-related things.

It’s usually played at baby showers, with a prize given to the first person to get five squares in a row and shout BINGO!

A baby bingo card can use words or pictures in the squares, and they’re all related to pregnancy and babies!

Sometimes the game is held as a stand-alone event during the party, with a predetermined list of baby bingo words called out so people can cover cards created using the same set of words.

Alternatively, the bingo cards can be filled with words of items expecting parents are usually gifted at a baby shower, and guests can cover them as those gifts are opened.

I kinda prefer this method for two reasons:

  1. It gives guests something to do during what can be an otherwise boring and lengthy part of a baby shower, and
  2. Only guests who really want to win will be paying attention to their cards and playing along, so at least someone putting in a bit of effort will be awarded the prize.

When during a baby shower should you play baby bingo?

If you’re playing baby shower bingo as a stand-alone game, I’d hand out the cards and call out the baby bingo words after guests eat and before gifts are opened.

Obviously, if you intend for the squares to be covered as gifts are opened, you’ll be playing during gift opening. This usually happens near the end of a baby shower.

Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (1)

Baby Bingo Words

These baby shower bingo words have been broken into two parts: items that could be received as gifts, and general words associated with babies.

If you just want baby bingo items for a regular baby shower bingo call list, create your cards with ALL of these words and randomize this list for calling (I like for this purpose).

If you want guests to mark off their baby bingo words as gifts are opened, you’ll want to use just the first part of the list.

And if you already know there are things on the list the expecting parent won’t get (or already has and won’t be gifted at the shower), you can remove them to increase guests’ chances of winning.

Need more game ideas? You need the ultimate guide to baby shower games!

Baby Shower Gift Bingo Words

  1. activity saucer
  2. baby gate
  3. baby memory book
  4. baby monitor
  5. baby powder
  6. baby swing
  7. baby utensils
  8. bassinet
  9. bath toys
  10. bathrobe
  11. bathtub
  12. bib
  13. blanket
  14. book
  15. bottle
  16. bottle brush
  17. bottle drying rack
  18. bottle warmer
  19. bouncer
  20. bowl or plate
  21. breast pads
  22. breast pump
  23. burp cloths
  24. car seat
  25. carrier or sling
  26. changing pad
  27. complete outfit
  28. crib bedding
  29. crib mattress
  30. crib mobile
  31. diaper bag
  32. diaper cream
  33. diapers
  34. doorknob covers
  35. floor seat
  36. furniture
  37. gas drops
  38. gift card
  39. grooming kit
  40. handmade item
  41. hat
  42. high chair
  43. hooded towel
  44. hook-on toy
  45. humidifier
  46. jumper
  47. laundry detergent
  48. lotion
  49. mattress cover
  50. medicine
  51. milk storage bags
  52. mittens
  53. musical toy
  54. night light
  55. nipple cream
  56. nursery decor
  57. nursing bra
  58. nursing pillow
  59. onesie
  60. outlet covers
  61. pacifier
  62. pack-n-play
  63. pajamas
  64. personalized item
  65. picture frame
  66. piggy bank
  67. play yard
  68. playmat
  69. plush toy
  70. rattle
  71. receiving blankets
  72. rocking chair
  73. safety gear
  74. shampoo
  75. shoes
  76. shopping cart cover
  77. sippy cup
  78. sleep sack
  79. socks or booties
  80. spoons
  81. stroller
  82. swaddle
  83. teethers
  84. thermometer
  85. toy box or basket
  86. walker
  87. washcloths
  88. wipe warmer
  89. wipes

I’ve also got a list of baby shower cake sayings for all themes and situations if you need an inscription idea for the cake!

Additional Baby Bingo Word List

The remainder of the list (below) are words related to babies and pregnancy but are not tangible gifts to be given at the shower. Incorporate these words only if you’ll be calling out bingo answers during the shower.

  1. baby
  2. baby food
  3. bath time
  4. blowout
  5. burping
  6. colic
  7. contractions
  8. cradle cap
  9. cravings
  10. crawling
  11. crying
  12. diaper rash
  13. family
  14. feeding
  15. first smile
  16. formula
  17. giggles
  18. heartburn
  19. hiccups
  20. labor
  21. love
  22. lullaby
  23. maternity
  24. meconium
  25. milk
  26. mommy
  27. motherhood
  28. nap time
  29. newborn
  30. nursery
  31. nursery rhymes
  32. poop
  33. pregnancy
  34. rolling over
  35. sonogram
  36. spit-up
  37. stork
  38. stretch marks
  39. tummy time
  40. ultrasound

How to Turn Baby Shower Bingo Answers into Cards

Having the baby bingo answers is all well and good… but how do you get them on bingo cards? How many bingo answers should you use when creating your game?

It’s extremely easy to make your own bingo cards with this free bingo card generator.

There are a lot of options for customizing the cards. For a free generator, it’s pretty impressive!

You can choose the Baby or Vintage theme for a nice look and print up to 30 cards for free!

But how many possible answers should you put in the mix for creating your cards?

That depends on how easy you want it to be.

You could use as few as 25 answers, but then everyone playing will have all the same baby bingo words on their cards (just in different patterns), which could lead to multiple BINGO shouts at once.

You’d need more than one prize!

A standard bingo game uses 75 possible calls, but they are assigned with 15 numbers per column. The bingo generator above isn’t sophisticated enough to assign columns.

If you’re going to have a small baby shower, sticking to 25-40 words among your cards is probably enough (and you want to reduce the risk of NO one getting bingo when marking off gifts).

But if there are going to be a lot of guests – say, over 15-20 people – I’d go for 50-75 words or more.

The whole list above has over 120 words to choose from, and just the possible gifts list has over 80 words. You’ve got plenty of words to work with!

Baby Bingo Ideas for Prizes

Some baby showers are still exclusive to women, but these days, most of them are co-ed.

I like to give away baby shower prizes that appeal to both genders, though erring on the side of femininity is also fine.

Below is a grid of some of my favorite prize ideas – all under (or around) $10 and with Prime shipping from Amazon!

Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (5)

MRS. MEYER’S CLEAN DAY Soy Aromatherapy Candle, 35 Hour Burn Time, Made with Soy Wax and Essential Oils, Honeysuckle, 7.2 Oz

Comes in a recyclable glass candle jar – makes for an easy gift; Mrs. Meyer’s products are made with cruelty-free formulas and are Leaping Bunny certified.

$10.98 Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (6)

Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (9)

DA BOMB Bath “F” Bomb Lavender Bath Bomb, 7oz

Handmade in the USA using just a few, simple ingredients; Created by a pair of teenage sisterpreneurs

$13.99 Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (10)

Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (11)

Knock Knock All The Things Pad, To Do List Notepad, 6 x 9-inches

Knock Knock (Author); English (Publication Language); 60 Pages – 06/01/2019 (Publication Date) – Knock Knock (Publisher)

Pro tip: If you’re playing multiple games throughout the baby shower, identify gifts based on gender preference (or gender neutrality) by their tissue paper or bag color.

Give out the gender-leaning prizes first based on who wins first and save the gender-neutral prizes for the final winners.

This ultimate list of baby bingo words will make it easy for you to design or generate your own baby shower bingo cards.

Is there a baby-related word missing from the list that you think should be included? Let me know in the comments down below!

Baby Bingo Words for Creating Your Own Bingo Cards (120+ Words) (2024)


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