The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (2024)

Spaced-themed shooters ought to have a spot in every gamer’s library. They are lively, imaginative, and have such an exciting setting! Marauders is a space, extraction, first-person, shooter game wherein players (Space Pirates) must dock their private vehicles at a space station that many players can access. There, they loot, complete tasks, kill other players and leave alive–one hopes!

The game is set in a Dieselpunk universe in the 1990s. In this alternate history, WWII almost destroyed the world, forcing humanity into space. The result is a beautiful mix of space-age transport with WWII-era weaponry.

Marauders not only manages to offer gamers a solid gunplay experience but also implements new gameplay mechanics that push the genre’s envelope.

Marauders allows the player to have gunfights on the ground, but the violence doesn’t end there. Developers implemented a basic but solid dogfighting mechanic whereby players can engage in aerial combat between fighter aircraft at short range. For this, players can use either default spacecraft or customized ships. This mechanic is a suitable tribute to WWII, when high-stakes dogfights changed the fate of civilization.

This article will list five games that will wrap Marauders fans in a cozy, familiar glow.

What Makes a Space Shooter Good

Different factors make a space shooter stand out from the crowd. When playing a space game, some of the main things the players want to see are astonishing visuals and an epic representation of the most fantastical real environment, outer space.

Marauders does a great job at this by giving a realistic presentation of space in the gruesome and gray universe where the game gets set. Space is vast, wondrous, and deadly.

In this universe, players get presented with dieselpunk scenarios with opaque and dark colors with a mix of World War II and Cold War era scenarios, creating a rich atmosphere.

Good gameplay mechanics in space can make a game like this great–or not. Marauders managed to create an extraction shooter where players have to extract from a space station and fly out of the match, where they can encounter other dangers, such as AI enemies or real players.

In space, players can engage in dogfights and even breach or get breached by other players. Like pirates of old, boarding parties fight native crew. It shows how human nature might cope with such a strange environment, our ingrained habits forcing us to repeat our violent history.

Marauders did a great job with these elements, giving us a great game.

With an industry that is expanding at a fast rate, the gaming community has more than one option for space looter shooters. Here, we will list our favorite space combat games like Marauders.

Top 5 Space FPS Games like Marauders in 2022

This list will include games focusing on space and ground combat while not necessarily on looting and extracting. These games will hopefully appeal to those seeking a space adventure experience with combat mechanics similar to Mauraders’.

1. The Cycle: Frontier

The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (1)

The Cycle: Frontier is probably the most similar game to Marauders in this list as it´s a looting and extraction first-person shooter set in a sci-fi universe in space.

In The Cycle: Frontier, players get presented with an abandoned alien planet that humanity tried to colonize. Hopeful pioneers tried to establish research centers, mining, and more, but unfortunately, things didn’t end as planned.

After humans established colonies in Fortuna III, they learned this planet was hazardous as massive storms called The Cycle repeatedly afflicted the landscape. The Cycle ravages everything in its path while bringing dangerous monsters into zones that were once peaceful.

Players in The Cycle: Frontier can play as a prospector with the mission of scavenging the remains of the humans that once lived there, gathering resources from the planet, completing tasks, and surviving in the process.

The Cycle: Frontier is a Game Remarkably Similar to Marauders

Marauders fans will feel Déjà vu in this game as it has a similar progression system. Players in both games must complete missions for different factions that will give them access to specialized items in their stores.

Moreover, The Cycle: Frontier offers a tactical and grounded combat experience where players can find weapons and armor from different tiers.

There are other elements that players will be familiar with in these games, such as a crafting system, trader, and more.

One of the main characteristics of The Cycle: Frontier is its mining system. This game takes the process of gathering resources and materials to another level as the Cycle Frontier has implemented mining mechanics and tools that imitate life.This is unique to The Cycle. Yet, the overall ability to craft equipment and weapons is very reminiscent of Marauders’ gameplay.

The Cycle: Frontier can be played solo or with friends. In this writer’s opinion, playing with a group is much better as the game can be challenging, and you’ll need someone to watch your six! Often, prospectors will have to engage large groups of enemies while taking care of the hazardous fauna roaming the abandoned colony.

If you are excited about what this extraction looter game like Marauders has to offer you, feel free to check out our Cycle Frontier beginners guide. It’ll teach you the basics and let you get started on the right foot.

Why The Cycle: Frontier is a Game like Marauders

  • Extraction and Looter Shooter
  • Crafting System
  • Trader and Factions
  • Similar Progression System
  • Tactical Playstyle
  • Punishing Gameplay
  • Sci-Fi/Space Universe
  • PvE and PvP

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2. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a visually astonishing, massive multiplayer shooter. It offers players a fantastic, in-depth space exploration experience. You won’t be let down by their space and ground combat system.

The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (2)

In this game, players will begin with a basic spaceship, no money, and a to-do list as long as the Milky Way. Players can make a name for themselves while exploring and doing different activities that might or might not change the universe’s narrative. Players in Elite Dangerous can engage in various tasks such as bounty hunting, trading, mining, exploring, or scavenging. Some even become ruthless space pirates.

Elite Dangerous allows players to encounter PvE and PvP combat both in aerial combat and on the ground in a first-person perspective. If you play Marauders, this game should definitely sound similar.

Dogfighting in zero-G is where Elite Dangerous shines, as the developers did an excellent job implementing flying and space combat mechanics that make the game feel incredibly realistic. If you liked the movie Gravity, you’ll appreciate these turns and swerves! Moreover, Elite Dangerous gives players complete freedom on their fighting ships. Players can manipulate the systems on their crafts, customize them, and acquire better ones.

Additional, Exciting RPG-Like Elements

Furthermore, the game also recently implemented ground vehicles to be able to explore moons and planets. To throw another movie reference at you, the moon pirates from Brad Pit’s Ad Astra are a great primer for this part of gameplay.

Elite Dangerous also allows players to engage in role-play activities that will cause consequences in their gameplay based on the faction they chose for both PvE and PvP experience.

Last but not least, one of the best features of this game is the community events where players can engage in massive activities shared between players where they have the chance to change the course of events and narrative.

Similarities between Marauders and Elite Dangerous

  • Looter Shooter
  • Faction System
  • Space Combat
  • Exploration
  • Sci-Fi/Space Universe
  • PvE and PvP

3. Everspace 2

The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (3)

Everspace 2 is a single-player space combat game with a stunningly crafted universe for players to explore.

In Everspace 2, players take the role of a freelancer able to team up with different companions to complete missions. This game occurs in a post-war universe where players explore a demilitarized zone filled with bandits, outlaws, and other dangers.

This is a great game like Marauders and provides extraordinarily addictive and fun experiences for space combat fans. The combat is simplistic but satisfying. Players can acquire and customize new ships with different statistics as they progress in the main story. Space combat in Everspace 2 will feel familiar to Marauders players as it errs on the arcady side, meaning it’s not realistic to the point of minor damage sending Apollo 13’s Tom Hanks into a panic. But these resilient ships offer an engaging and tense combat experience.

Everspace 2 doesn’t offer a ground combat experience, but for those who seek a good space combat game with a great story, Everspace 2 is a great option to play.

Why We Picked this as One of the Best Space Shooter Games like Marauders

  • Faction System
  • Space Combat
  • Exploration
  • Sci-Fi/Space Universe
  • Arcade Spaceship Mechanics
  • PvE Experience

4. Star Citizen

The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (4)

Opposite to Everspace 2 and more similar to Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen is a futuristic, first-person, space simulation and shooter that offers players deep spaceship system mechanics, great space combat, and a good ground combat experience.

Star Citizen is a very ambitious project that has been developing for over a decade as it is still in an alpha state. While this epic simulation is far from being finished, fans of the simulation genre who want games similar to Marauders will find an incredible experience. It offers a realistic spaceship pilot experience and a massive universe with many planets to explore. It really captures humanity’s longing for the frontier.

Ships in Star Citizen are massive and highly detailed. Players can use them for space combat, mining, bounty hunting, and cargo delivery.

Star Citizen developers have set an ambitious goal: to have more than 100 fully detailed star systems with planets, space station moons, and more.

Players in Star Citizen can engage in PvE and PvP combat, which can be highly engaging thanks to the realistic nature of the game. Playing with friends is the best way to enter Star Citizen, as a group can coordinate and specialize in different tasks inside the spaceship.

Of all the games on this list, Star Citizen is the one that most focuses on space simulation.

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Why Star Citizen is a Great Game like Marauders

  • Looting mechanics
  • Faction System
  • Space Combat
  • Ground combat
  • Exploration
  • Sci-Fi/Space Universe
  • Explore and fight inside other ships
  • Tactical playstyle
  • PvE and PvP

5. Deep Rock Galactic

The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (5)

Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person shooter and mining game where players take the role of a space dwarf (Yes, a space dwarf.) This Tolkienesque throwback is tasked with mining hazardous areas of the galaxy. (Just not too greedily or too deep, eh?) For fans looking for a great game like Marauders that features tactical space FPS gameplay with friends, this is a great option for you!

The different classes in Deep Rock Galactic are not just expert geologists–they are trained in brutal ground combat, survival skills, and exploration.

The game offers a multiplayer co-op experience where players can team up to dive deep into dangerous mines to gather resources and complete missions. They must simultaneously survive the ferocious monsters protecting the mines–no small task for a small dwarf! You can also play Deep Rock Galactic solo, yet it is much harder and less fun than with friends.

Deep Rock Galactic has a class system that allows players to coordinate and take action in different roles to adapt to certain situations. The game is more arcade but enjoyable experience with friends with tons of hours of content and activities to do. This season, machine events in Deep Rock Galactic are the primary focus.

The game offers a variety of weapons and tools to survive and complete the missions. To unlock more and better equipment, players must progress by winning matches. Like many long-running FPS games, you can also promote in Deep Rock Galactic, which offers an extra layer of challenge for a small prestige reward. Yet, for fans of the game, this is a must-do.

Similarities with Marauders Game

  • Looting mechanics
  • Ground PvE combat
  • Ground Exploration
  • Sci-Fi/Space Universe
  • Progression System

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Final Thoughts

We are sure that anyone seeking a fun space-combat experience will find a winner in this list. We meticulously mined and polished every gem here, while having tons and tons of fun playing them.

Hopefully, this list of the best games like Marauders contains your future favorite game that you will be playing with your friends for many nights to come. If you still haven’t found a perfect fit, feel free to check out our related guide to the best games like Escape from Tarkov. Escape from Takrov is a looter shooter that heavily inspired Marauders, yet it is not set in space, so it didn’t quite make the list. Nevertheless, fans of the genre should feel at home in this looter shooter.

Good Luck, and Have Fun!

The 5 Best Space Shooter Games Like Marauders (2024)


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