The Disney Store's New Haunted Mansion Collection 2024: Enter (if You Dare) for Spooky Souvenirs & Merch - E! Online (2024)

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Discover the full spectrum of bewitching jewelry, home decor, merch & more that will take you to the spectral realms of The Haunted Mansion.

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The Disney Store's New Haunted Mansion Collection 2024: Enter (if You Dare) for Spooky Souvenirs & Merch - E! Online (1)E! News Illustration / Photos Courtesy of Disney Store

We independently selected these deals and products because we love them, and we think you might like them at these prices. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Step into the spectral splendor of Disney's latest Halloween celebration with the enchanting Haunted Mansion Collection from the Disney Store. Inspired by the beloved attraction's eerie charm, this year's lineup promises to bewitch fans with its ghostly delights. From whimsical decor to haunting apparel, each piece captures the essence of the mansion's iconic spooks, making it a spellbinding addition to any bone-chilling festivity in need of a touch of classic Disney magic.

Explore a macabre medley of delights, from plush Doom Buggy pet beds adorned with the mischievous Hitchhiking Ghosts to spirited accessories featuring Madame Leota's mystical allure. Whether you're decking out your home in the mansion's iconic wallpaper or donning apparel adorned with chilling ghoul eyes that glow in the dark, every item in this collection invites you to embrace the spirit of Halloween like never before.

Scroll through our curated roundup to discover the must-have items that will delight any fan of Disney's Haunted Mansion, ensuring this season is filled with frightful fun and ghoulish glamour. Prepare for a hauntingly good time, but beware — your shopping cart may fill up faster than you can say, "Boo!"

The Haunted Mansion Ear Headband

Channel the eerie elegance of The Haunted Mansion with this stunning ear headband. Featuring simulated leather padded ears adorned with the attraction's iconic wallpaper pattern and trimmed in black lace, this headband is a true statement piece. The black mesh bow centers a framed lenticular portrait of Medusa, transforming from a beautiful red-haired woman to a fearsome gorgon with serpentine hair.






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The Haunted Mansion Stainless Steel Starbucks Tumbler

Savor your favorite cold beverage with a chilling twist using this stainless steel tumbler. Inspired by the ghost host uniforms from the iconic attraction, the gothy-chic accessory features The Haunted Mansion plaque on one side and the Starbucks logo on the other. Complete with the attraction's wallpaper screen art, a screw-on lid, and a reusable straw, it's a stylishly spooky essential for your adventures in the Parks or beyond.

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The Haunted Mansion Loungefly Mini Backpack

Show your love for The Haunted Mansion with this frightfully stylish mini backpack from Loungefly. Featuring the Hatbox Ghost on the front with glow-in-the-dark eyes, this simulated leather backpack brings the grim grinning ghoul to life. It's designed off with a die-cut tombstone front compartment, side slip pockets, and an allover bat and Haunted Mansion initials logo for a head-turning finish.

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The Haunted Mansion Sarah ''Sally'' Slater Doll – Limited Edition

Capturing the iconic portrait from the Stretching Room, this exquisitely detailed doll features Sally Slater's vintage-inspired auburn hairstyle, embroidered outfit, and lace-trimmed umbrella. Presented in a display box with a unique stretching feature, she’s a must-have addition to any collection, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and limited to just 6,600 pieces.

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The Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Glow-in-the-Dark Dress for Women

Complete with a white collar embroidered with "HM" initials and buttoned cuffs on the short sleeves, this glow-in-the-dark dress ensures all eyes will be on you. Perfect for any occasion, the dress also features a full button front, pleated waist, and convenient side seam pockets.

The Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke Wristlet Wallet

Embrace the supernatural charm of The Haunted Mansion with this enchanting wristlet wallet from Dooney & Bourke. Featuring Madame Leota's mystical table on the front and her headstone on the back, this wallet is crafted with coated canvas and stitched leather finishings. With ample storage including multiple card pockets and compartments, plus a detachable wrist strap for convenience, it's the perfect accessory for every ghostly gathering.

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The Haunted Mansion Ghost Hostess Pet Costume

Transform your pet into the charming Ghost Hostess from The Haunted Mansion with this delightful costume. Featuring a twill outer shell, a plush bat bow, and an adjustable fit, this outfit perfectly captures the spirit of the legendary attraction. Available in various sizes, it's sure to bring smiles wherever your furry friend goes.

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The Haunted Mansion Throw Pillow

Perfect for any Haunted Mansion fan, this double-sided pillow is ideal for adding a hint of eerie charm to your decor. One side showcases the iconic Stretching Portraits, while the reverse features the attraction's familiar wallpaper design.

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Madame Leota Light-Up Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament – The Haunted Mansion

Summon the spirits of The Haunted Mansion with this enchanting ornament featuring Madame Leota. The fully sculpted design includes a lighted "crystal ball" that creates an eerie 3D illusion, perfect for adding a ghostly glow to your decor. Complete with an on/off switch and satin ribbon for hanging, it's a spellbinding addition to any collection.

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The Haunted Mansion Glow-in-the-Dark Spirit Jersey for Adults

Channel the spooky vibes of The Haunted Mansion with this cozy Spirit Jersey. Featuring an allover tonal tie-dye wash, the back showcases a puffy "The Haunted Mansion" logo and the iconic Hitchhiking Ghosts with glow-in-the-dark elements. Complete with a puffy "HM" crest and bats on the front, this pullover sweatshirt offers a spectral aura perfect for any fan.

\n\n\n", "name": "The Haunted Mansion Glow-in-the-Dark Spirit Jersey for Adults", "image": "", "offers": [ { "@type": "Offer", "url": "", "price": "79.99", "priceCurrency": "USD" } ]}

The Haunted Mansion Bracelet

Carry the haunting allure of The Haunted Mansion wherever you go with this silvertone bracelet. Adorned with charms featuring Master Gracey, the Hatbox Ghost, the Bride (Constance Hatchaway), the three Hitchhiking Ghosts, and the iconic "HM" monogram, it's a stylish reminder of the mansion's immortal icons.

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Hitchhiking Ghosts Doom Buggy Pet Bed

Treat your furry friend to a ghostly journey to dreamland with this Doom Buggy pet bed inspired by The Haunted Mansion. Shaped like the iconic carriage and featuring the Hitchhiking Ghosts on the interior, this plush bed ensures your pet rests in eerie comfort.

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The Disney Store's New Haunted Mansion Collection 2024: Enter (if You Dare) for Spooky Souvenirs & Merch - E! Online (2024)


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